Patriot the brave

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Patriot the brave

Post  Olof on Wed Jul 21, 2010 1:33 am

Here is an record of Patriot where he fights brave and wins an good 3v3 Arabia with Vikings. Download it here.

My review and comment:
The game begins bad with Patriot´s two allies suffering from poor fights with their opponents. Patriot tries to help both of his allies in Castle age.

Just as the game seem to turn really bad for his teal ally, Patriot reaches Imperial and start to mass-produce Champions. The first real change in game course comes when he works together with his teal ally, the Britons. With Teal´s arbalest army and Patriot champions they managed to defeats crowds of EW:S (Eagle Warriors) and a forward castle.

After some hour fighting, with brave efforts from all sides, the game settles when one of the opponents call it. Purple tried many times to rebuild, but when his gold was consumed and he had almost no villagers left he surrendered.

Now when looking back I think both sides were a bit slow on trading. Patriot had an clear advantage since he managed to gather a lot of gold, but sadly a bit of it were gathered from his allies areas. I think there is a good idea to start an small trade early, even though its hard to defend it in Arabia, but it really pays off in end games.

One of the good strategic moves in this game is probably the cooperation between Patriot Champions, and Teal´s Briton arbalest army. Both use their civ.s best unit in a really good combo.

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Re: Patriot the brave

Post  patriot on Wed Jul 21, 2010 1:43 am

thanks Olof for comment, when i see in my team guy 14++ with a lot of loses i was disappoint, but after in game only this guy help in fight,any way very good game,


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Re: Patriot the brave

Post  fata7tah on Sun Jul 25, 2010 12:03 am

seems to be an epic game Very Happy


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Re: Patriot the brave

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